Amplifier or time machine?


Amplifier or time machine?
Monday, April 8, 2013

Ladies and gentleman I give you the Pivetta Opera Only. Probably the largest amplifier in the world, this will undoubtedly be the highest light at the forthcoming High End show in Munich between the 9th and 12th of May.

Technical data:
Power input: Power supply: Power output:
230/400V 50/60 Hz 800 A 6400 amps – 1,000,000 mF
6 x 20,000 watts RMS Class A (max. total power output: 160,000 watts)
1250 x 1900 x 1250 mm (width x height x depth, closed) 1850 x 2500 x 1850 mm (width x height x depth, open)
1,500 kg
No visible connection boxes or inputs, aeronautical, high-grade NECE treated aluminium. Dual mono block connection possible.