Linn Sneaky DSM


Linn Sneaky DSM
Linn Sneaky DSM
Friday, April 5, 2013

The  Linn Sneaky DSM represents a new entry level product in its DSM (digital stream multi-source) range of integrated streaming components. The Sneaky DSM is a streamer, preamp and power amp in a slimline case that comes in at £1,750 in black, silver or white finishes.
As with the existing Majik DSM this will stream music over an Ethernet network, give access to net services and decode most of the popular formats. It has a 33 watt Dynamik switch-mode power amp stage and six inputs of which all but one are digital and as with other DSM models there is a focus on HDMI connections but S/PDIF is catered for. It’s compatible with UPnP media servers and is controlled using Linn’s Kinsky app on an Apple iDevice. While there is no USB input it can access computer based music and services via Songcast software. Sneaky DSM is 350mm (13.8inches) wide by 54.5mm (2.1inches) high so could be snuck into most rooms without too much disruption.

•    Plays digital music over a standard Ethernet network
•    Fully integrated pre-amplifier and power amplifier
•    Streams internet radio, podcasts and ‘listen again’ broadcasts
•    Decodes FLAC, WAV, Apple Lossless (ALAC), MP3, WMA (except lossless), AIFF, AAC and OGG audio formats with up to 24-bit 192 kHz native sample rate
•    Plays computer audio via Linn Songcast app e.g. iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, etc.
•    Songcast support allows synchronised playback of audio around the home
•    6 inputs (RCA Phono, HDMI, S/PDIF, Toslink) for connection and up-sampling of additional sources
•    HDMI, S/PDIF and TOSLINK inputs, plus HDMI pass-thru
•    Linn Dynamik Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
•    2 channels of 33 W power amplification (stereo) or 4 channels of 33 W power amplification (bi-amped)
•    High quality 4 pole Neutrik speakON connectors Compatible with UPnP™ media servers and UPnP™ AV 1.0 control points