Munich High End 2017 preview


Munich High End 2017 preview
Friday, May 12, 2017

The Munich High End show is coming up fast and we will be heading south to bring back all the most interesting stories. But to wet your appetite here are just a few of the goodies that are due for launch. The show starts on Thursday May 18th and runs for four days at the M.O.C. exhibition centre.

PMC is keeping schtum about what it’s calling “one of the company’s most significant ever product releases.” But our spies tell us that it is not a loudspeaker, which is controversial enough.

Fink Team has finished the substantial WM4 loudspeaker (below) that was in prototype form last year, and as this is a no holds barred creation from the man behind the Q-Acoustics Concept 500 it could be very good indeed.

Wharfedale celebrates its 85th birthday with “a gem of new speaker”, could that mean a new Diamond?

Pathos unveils its Inpol Heritage 80 Watt, Class A integrated amplifier (below) alongside the substantial Inpower MkII power amp.

Dynaudio will be celebrating its 40th with the Special 40 model but no details have been released as yet. Looking at the previous Special (25) it should live up to the epithet.

Eclipse plans to reveal the performance benefits of dual subwoofers by combining its TD510ZMkII with a pair of TD520SW subs, which if our experience with a single sub is anything to go by should be  fun.

Magico has the 1.42m high, 177kg and $172,000 M6 lined up to rattle our fillings, it’s still a beauty though as you can see below.

Electrocompaniet has a plethora of new kit including RENA and ECM streamers alongside a three driver subwoofer.

Leema Acoustics has a totally revised Pulse amplifier with digital and analogue inputs plus Bluetooth aptX.

MQA’s empire is expanding with certified product from Audiolab, AudioQuest, CanEVER, dCS, Esoteric, Krell, Lumin, Mark Levinson, MOON, Pro-Ject, Quad, TEAC, Wadax are due to be shown. Let’s hope some among them can do something about the growing concern about sound quality with this format.