Rega Planar 8


Rega Planar 8
Friday, October 5, 2018

Rega have revised the bargain RP8 turntable to create a new Planar 8, a model that goes straight for the sound quality jugular with a totally uncompromised skeletal design. Based on the company’s range topping Naiad the Planar 8 sits on an ultralight yet immensely stiff plinth made out of polyurethane foam with high pressure laminate skins, this component is 30% lighter than the plinth of the RP8. It retains the twin phenolic braces between armbase and bearing for maximum stiffness at this critical juncture and has a new RB880 tonearm. This has an improved vertical bearing assembly with improved stability and rigidity again, it uses what Rega describies as an “advanced preloaded zero tolerance bearing assembly”. The changes over the RP8 arm are well hidden but can be seen at the arm base next to the slimmed down counterweight for reduced inertia. 

The main bearing is a new low mass type that supports a single piece aluminium subplatter while the platter itself remains a three part laminated glass type with an external ring to create a flywheel effect. The motor is the latest generation of Rega’s 24V design with higher vibration isolation and the same mounting system as found on the Naiad. Each motor is tuned to its matching Neo power supply to minimise vibration still further. 

In appearance the biggest difference between the outgoing RP8 and the Planar 8 is the omission of an outer plinth with a hinged lid, as found on all other Regas except Naiad. The Planar 8 comes with a simplified dust cover that’s designed to be removed entirely, which is what Rega users who want maximum R’n’B have been doing with hinged lids since time immemorial. Now it’s easier. The new Planar 8 with Neo PSU retails for £1,699 without cartridge, £2,199 with the Ania MC or £2,439 with an Apheta 2 MC.