Audiojumble winter 2014

Lenco L 830 DD. Beige, direct drive, Swiss: what's not to like? £100, should have bought it!

Beard P100, 77lbs of British steel; £450

Formats of yore No.21 the 8-track casseete

Alan Sugar's remarkably Rega Planet like Amstrad TP12 with Jelco arm.

Purportedly a B&W creation in clear acrylic with wooden edging added by the seller, used as a centre channel.

Round pin bakolite mains plugs, mmmmmm brown

Beogram 1800 with the thinnest arm in the world ever, £140

Very nice example of a Garrard 401 for RP3 money; £450

Radioshack/Tandy's foray into high end monitors with the Lineaum tweeter. Genexxa Optimus Pro LX5; £65

Will you look at the quality of that grille cloth. Goodmans Maxamp 30, Stereomax tuner and Maxim speakers

Leak Delta AM FM tuner, a lot of build quality for £20

Lucky dip NOS tubes

McLaren integrated by GR International of Scotland

Musical Fidelity kW transport and DAC, substantial digital audio for £1500

Micro Sieki CD-M100, a serious lump of Japanese disc player for £1,800

Volksemfanger nazi radio (left, £150) and the beautiful Northern Radio Waterfall from Canada (£60)

QUAD FM3 mmmmmmmm orange

Radford HD250 preamplifier contains the work of Richard Hay (Incatech, Nytech)

RGD 1046 P-P triode monoblock. As Terry Bateman put it "the elixir of valve technology", hence £1500

Townshend Rock Mk2, RB300 and Merlin PSU, but what's that mat doing there? £450

Rowen PR2/PS2 preamplifier and power supply; £2650

Celestion SL600 aerolam cabinet classics for £600

Sonab OA6 passive omni-directionals with four tweeters per speaker and only £30 the pair

Hardcore cassette technology, Tascam 122 MkIII; £100

Adam Smith was selling this Trichord clocked VRDS-10 for £275, I was tempted

Wharfedale W3, a vintage classic for £250

Classic glass