Chord Company Epic Digital Tuned Aray

Chord Company Epic Digital Tuned Aray Chord Company has launched the Epic Digital Tuned Aray interconnect, a premium cable which introduces the benefits of its proprietary Tuned Aray coaxial conductor geometry to an increasingly digital AV world. Priced at £560 for a metre the new hand-built Epic Digital Tuned Aray interconnect is the latest addition […]


Triangle Capella active wireless speakers With its connected active speakers, the Capella system offers unprecedented performance by combining the acoustic of Triangle with modern technologies. Made in France, the speakers feature top-of-the-range finishes, with a varnished wooden enclosure and aluminum elements.. Each driver has its own amplifier for a total power of 2 x 100W […]

rega nd5

Rega Nd5 moving magnet cartridge We reviewed the Nd3 earlier in the month and now Rega continues the roll out of its new cartridge range with the Nd5. Named after the rare earth element Nd (Neodymium), the all new Nd5 cartridge is the first moving magnet to utilise a neodymium N55 magnet. This is the […]

Hardware Reviews

Lampizator Baltic 4 valve DAC review

Lampizator Baltic 4 valve DAC I have been using solid-state electronics for years but have always been intrigued by valve or tube based components. The Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista products, which were very impressive when I reviewed them for The Ear qualify as hybrid tube products, but the Nuvistor tubes used in them are a niche […]

Show Reports

High End 2024 Highlights pt.3

Origin Live British turntable experts Origin Live showed their most ambitious tonearm at High End. The Renown (£26,000) has a much wider yoke than most plus dual pivot bearings, adjustable VTA for both the inner and outer parts of the record and an asymmetric, multi-layer counterweight designed to reduce resonance. More details here. Elipson With […]


Triangle Capella behind the scenes

Triangle Manufacture Electroacoustique Soissons is an hour and a half north east of Paris and seems like a quiet place, it has two cathedrals and one of them still has a roof on, but otherwise it is a typical small French town. But there is plenty going on behind the quiet facades not least loudspeaker […]

How To

Voigt 4ft horn by Lowther

Voigt 4ft Tractrix Horn loudspeakers At the Phipps Brewery in Northampton last month Lowther proved they can organise much more than ‘a piss up in a brewery’. The tap room demonstration of the Voigt 4ft Tractrix horn was a revelation in all sorts of ways. Firstly holding the demonstration in a large bar was very […]


Michell turntables, Stevenage, England

Michell turntables, Stevenage, England When John Michell passed away at the age of 67 after a short illness it was left to his daughter Julie and her husband Steve Rowland to pick up the business that he had started in 1967. J.A. Michell Engineering Ltd was officially incorporated 1973 and started out making parts for […]

Music Reviews

Joe Webb collblanc

According to his bio, Joe Webb is “fuelled by deep love of 90s guitar bands and an unwavering passion for football”.  Don’t let that sweet talk and fool you for a nano second though, even though he is looking as if he is still enjoying his 20s, Webb has jazz and not blood flowing in […]