• Mon, 16/05/2022
    Living Voice are renowned for the spectacular horn loudspeaker systems, a reputation garnered in no small part by demonstrations at the upcoming High End show in Munich, Germany. This year as the show returns after a two year hiatus they are sticking to their bread and butter OBX and IBX loudspeakers and revealing what these compact classics can do with carefully chosen electronics and analogue more
  • Mon, 16/05/2022
    Computer Audio Design’s GC1 Ground Control was created to tackle high frequency noise reduction at the level of the signal ground plane. Now, designer Scott Berry is launching an upgraded version, the GC1.1. How does it compare? read more

How To

  • Thu, 17/02/2022
    The Henry Wood Hall in Borough, south London is a large but not otherwise particularly distinctive grey Victorian church, it was undoubtedly grand in its day but has absorbed a lot of soot since more

Latest Reviews

  • Wed, 18/05/2022
    Built by brothers Carl and Neil Broomfield in Yorkshire the CAAS Audio electronics are pretty ambitious bits of kit by British standards. There aren’t many small companies making components with casework that’s milled from a single aluminium billet in these isles and even fewer who have developed their own amplification and volume control circuits. read more

Show Report

  • October, 2021
    Paul Benge is now HiFi Guy and alongside MSB DACs and TAD loudspeakers he is bringing in Holbo’s Airbearing Turntable from Slovenia. At £6,500 this must be the most affordable air powered, linear tracker arm equipped record player available today.... read more


  • Thu, 07/04/2022
    Pro Audio Design (PAD) is a Boston-based group of audio distribution companies which has been appointed the exclusive distributor of Japanese loudspeaker brand TAD Laboratories for the US and Canada. Company president Dave Malekpour has been working with TAD for almost 30 years and while his roots lie in pro audio and studio specification, this partnership sees him bringing this experience into the hi-fi market.