• Mon, 14/06/2021
    Primare will be launching a revised version of the popular NP5 Prisma network player, the NP5 Prisma MK2, this summer. The development of the new model was necessitated primarily by the AKM chip factory fire, causing long-term disruption of the supply of the critical re-clocking chip at the heart of the NP5 Prisma design that allowed for the selection of output sampling more
  • Mon, 14/06/2021
    EJ Jordan Ltd has launched the Marlow, a compact loudspeaker with the unique combination of a single, wideband drive unit in a BBC-inspired cabinet. The Marlow combines a heavily-damped 9mm Baltic birch ply cabinet, a choice based on the pioneering research by the BBC, with a Jordan Eikona advanced, alloy cone drive unit that covers the majority of the musical spectrum. read more

How To

  • Tue, 01/06/2021
    DC blockers are not a new thing but two new examples have been launched in the last month or so from mainstream brands, what gives? DC on the mains or DC offset causes transformers to vibrate and buzz, and when those transformers are large enough this buzzing becomes more

Latest Reviews

  • Mon, 14/06/2021
    Vinyl is easily the most fabulous medium for recorded music ever created. It may not sound quite as good as tape nor have the potential for dynamic range and bass power available with digital but on the one hand most of the music ever produced is available on vinyl and on the other sound quality is about more than specs. The fact that it survived a near extinction event that lasted for over a decade is testament to its enduring appeal. read more

Show Report

  • February, 2020
    Rajiv Dave (top) of Chord Electronics explained a little more about the 2go portable streamer (£995) and 2yu DAC adaptor (£450) that were released just before the show. Dave formally worked with the BBC on their digital tech in the nineties,... read more


  • Mon, 21/12/2020
    The audio world lost one of its leading lights last week when my dear old friend Tim de Paravicini succumbed to the liver cancer that he had been fighting for several months (with great good humour and optimism). Few who met Tim will forget his startlingly larger-than-life personality and the sheer vigour with which he attacked any problem from audio electronics design (his 'day job') to lawnmower repairs to reading a badly typeset Christmas menu in poor light.