JPlay integrates Tidal Max

JPlay integrates Tidal Max JPlay is excited to announce the latest update to its iOS app (version 1.0.14), now featuring integration with Tidal Max. This update represents a significant leap forward in digital music streaming, offering unparalleled audio quality for JPlay iOS app users. Introducing Tidal Max in JPlay With the integration of Tidal Max, […]

Aavik SD-880 streaming DAC

Aavik SD-880 streaming DAC Aavik is excited to announce the launch the Aavik SD-880, the newest member of the flagship 880 series, our first ever streaming DAC. A further result of the unique collaboration of Michael Børresen’s outstanding audio engineering skills and Flemming Erik Rasmussen’s exceptional design capabilities. The Aavik SD-880 creates unprecedented, authentic and […]

Elipson Heritage XLS7 standmount speakers

Elipson XLS7 Heritage standmount speakers Elipson Audio is delighted to announce the final addition to their Heritage line of speakers. The brand new Elipson XLS7 book-shelf model joins its larger siblings, the XLS11 and XLS15 to create a complete family of speakers that reflect today’s vintage feel of styling and design. The XLS7 brings all the […]

Hardware Reviews

Moon North 791 preamplifier/streamer/DAC and 761 power amp

Moon 791 preamplifier/streamer/DAC and 761 power amp As the owner of a Moon integrated amplifier and streaming DAC, I have been looking forward to trying this combination since news of its launch surfaced earlier this year. Even for those new to this most prominent Canadian audio brand, we at The Ear feel that the launch […]

Show Reports

Audio Video Show 2023 Warsaw

Audio Video Show, Warsaw Back to the main hotel for the final day of the Audio Video show where crowds have filled every available space and the shuttle bus to/from the stadium has been overwhelmed. There is clearly huge interest still for two-channel audio in and around Warsaw at an event aimed squarely at end […]


German Record Museum

Deutsches Schallplattenmuseum, Nortorf A record collection totalling 180,000 LPs and 78s, plus the history of audio under one roof comprises a most unusual German record museum. The German depository of records and recording began life as part of Nortorf town’s museum in Schleswig-Holstein. When that building had to be demolished those behind the incredible collection […]

How To

Bluetooth for audiophiles

Bluetooth technology At its basic core, Bluetooth employs UHF radio waves in the ISM bands to connect between source and receivers. When first designed and brought to market in the ‘90s, it was primarily for transmission over very short distances of up to 10m. The technology is shared by nearly 40,000 partners and governed by a central body that […]


SFC SK-III Rhodium anti-static brush review

SFC SK-III Rhodium anti-static brush Back in my Hi-Fi Choice days we enjoyed putting April Fools news stories in the magazine once a year (hard to imagine today) and one was along rather similar lines to those embodied by the SK-III Rhodium anti-static brush, there was definitely a mention of goat’s hair but it may […]

Music Reviews

Yuhan Su Liberated Gesture

They say: On Liberated Gesture vibraphonist and composer Yuhan Su is joined by Dan Weiss on drums, Caroline Davis on alto sax and some recited poetry, Matt Mitchell on piano and Marty Kenney on bass. Yuhan is a former classical percussionist from Taiwan who came to jazz later on, but she has been living in […]