• Fri, 27/11/2020
    Italian equipment support manufacturer Bassocontinuo has launched Ultra Feet isolation feet, offering measurement-backed vibration protection for audio replay devices. Ultra Feet are available for the first time in the UK via Fine Sounds. Ultra Feet have been designed to reduce the effects of vibration in audio equipment. Available in sets of three or four they use advanced energy-absorbing materials which disperse vibration as more
  • Thu, 26/11/2020
    Computer audio specialist JCAT’s new NET CARD XE claims to “open up new dimensions of sound quality with its extremely precise ±5ppb OCXO and state-of-the-art power supply section. Experience playback from TIDAL or Qobuz at new heights of resolution and dynamic range. Thanks to the NET Card XE, for the first time ever streamed music sounds better than locally stored files”.  read more

How To

  • Thu, 19/11/2020
    Max Townshend is an engineer first and foremost, he doesn’t pay much heed to the marketing and styling which is part and parcel of selling audio equipment today. His components are very much in the form follows function camp and nowhere is this more obvious than in the Isolda speaker more

Latest Reviews

  • Thu, 26/11/2020
    To my knowledge PMC is the only audio manufacturer of any repute to have used Townshend Seismic bases under its loudspeakers at a hi-fi show. It’s a brave move given the tendency for the audience at such events to ascribe disproportionate benefits to ancillary components. But PMC clearly understand the improvements that genuine isolation can bring to a loudspeaker and earlier this year unveiled the first models to incorporate an integral system of isolation. read more

Show Report

  • February, 2020
    Rajiv Dave (top) of Chord Electronics explained a little more about the 2go portable streamer (£995) and 2yu DAC adaptor (£450) that were released just before the show. Dave formally worked with the BBC on their digital tech in the nineties,... read more


  • Wed, 22/04/2020
    The room is undoubtedly a major factor in any sound system, you only have to visit a hi-fi show in a hotel to realise that regardless of the hardware it can be very difficult to make a good sound in a ‘bad’ room.