Apogee Groove Anniversary Edition portable DAC and headphone amp

Apogee Groove Anniversary Edition portable DAC and headphone amp Apogee Electronics proudly announces the release of the 40th Anniversary Edition Apogee Groove, marking four decades of excellence in audio interfaces and technology. This special edition of the Apogee Groove pays homage to our legacy while introducing cutting-edge enhancements for an even more exceptional listening experience. […]

PMC Active twenty5i series

PMC Active twenty5i series and Active upgrade PMC is introducing the Active twenty5i series, four two-way models to provide an optimised solution for music lovers looking for PMC’s studio quality sound, with its ultra-high resolution and clarity, from a fuss-free system that dispenses with the need for external amplification. An active upgrade will be offered […]

Exposure 3510 CD

Exposure 3510 CD player To celebrate 50 years of creating ‘real hi-fi for real music lovers’, Exposure Electronics is proud to announce the new 3510 CD player, the final piece in the British brand’s much-lauded 3510 series of hi-fi components. When CD was launched four decades ago, it was advertised with the slogan ‘perfect sound […]

Hardware Reviews

Lyngdorf Cue-100 loudspeaker review

Lyngdorf Cue-100 loudspeakers Regular readers may recall that I have reviewed two Lyngdorf amplifiers, the TDAI-1120 and the TDAI-3400, and been very impressed with both of them. Indeed I acquired one of the latter models for my own use and it is regularly used in my review system. That same machine has recently paired with […]

Show Reports

Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2024 pt.2 report

Innuous With one of the big basement rooms to play in Innuos had hoped to demonstrate the difference between their Pulse and Pulsar streamers but sadly noise leakage made this difficult, so instead they explained the latest InnuOS 2.6 control software and made some good sounds with the aid of Lyngdorf amplification and Sonus faber […]


German Record Museum

Deutsches Schallplattenmuseum, Nortorf A record collection totalling 180,000 LPs and 78s, plus the history of audio under one roof comprises a most unusual German record museum. The German depository of records and recording began life as part of Nortorf town’s museum in Schleswig-Holstein. When that building had to be demolished those behind the incredible collection […]

How To

Metrum Acoustics explain I2S

Metrum Acoustics explain I2S Now let’s take a trip down memory lane, back to the day when 14 bits were read off a silver disc and converted to 8 bits (EFM or Eight to Fourteen Modulation). Two times 8 bits made up for one 16-bit sample, for one audio channel. This was done to correct […]


SFC SK-III Rhodium anti-static brush review

SFC SK-III Rhodium anti-static brush Back in my Hi-Fi Choice days we enjoyed putting April Fools news stories in the magazine once a year (hard to imagine today) and one was along rather similar lines to those embodied by the SK-III Rhodium anti-static brush, there was definitely a mention of goat’s hair but it may […]

Music Reviews

eyot quindecinnial review

2024 has not started well but this album is one of the best antidotes one can employ to escape the news, rain and wind. Quindecinnial (an event that occurs once every 15 years) is a long and joyous affair, it offers musical joy for the better part of two hours played by a very talented […]