The Uberlight Flex is for those of us that prefer to listen with the lights down, after all it’s more relaxing and music sounds better when you’re relaxed. As a vinyl lover there is a problem with low lighting however and that’s the need to find a specific track on a record if it’s not […]


I was reading the letter sent in by Andy Greensmith regards Hi-Fi quest in the May issue of Hi-Fi Choice (wherein Andy explains that he prefers the sound of an 80s Rega Planar 2 with a Clearaudio Aurum Alpha MM cartridge to his more expensive Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck with Rega RB303 arm and Hana EH […]


Those who have switched office for home might like to indulge in the luxury of having music to accompany their toils. Below are some sounds that Reuben has selected for these testing times: For Majestic background work-at-home music from former est drummer Magnus Ostrom listen to The Moon (And the air it moves) from Searching […]


Just as there’s an analogue revival going on in our world with vinyl and even cassette making comebacks, the photographic universe is seeing a cult for film in the smartphone era. For proof of this look no further than Aperture a camera shop in London’s West End that has a huge array of pre-loved film cameras from […]


The transition from a successful dairy farm to one of the most unusual hi-fi outlets is an interesting family story, as Trevor Butler discovered on a visit to southern Germany. Boasting some of the best audio brands money can buy, HiFi-Bauernhof [translated as ‘hi-fi farm’] serves customers not just in its native Bavaria but from […]


No, Gaggia has not started making single ended triode espresso machines, nor is the Naviglio a network streamer. It is a bean to cup coffee machine and our excuse for reviewing it on this site is that even hi-fi reviewers need more than pace rhythm and timing to keep us awake sometimes. Neither am I […]


Jason Kennedy checks out a rather special system at Vertere Acoustics and gets more than a little blown away. Vertere’s infectiously enthusiastic Touraj Moghaddam encouraged me to visit his west London HQ recently, spicing up his invitation by mentioning that he had some FM Acoustics amplifiers in the system. That was enough, FM Acoustics is […]


Choosing a camera bag seems to embody all the frustrations of selecting equipment with little of the fun. When I joined the digital photography age I no longer needed or wanted to tote a kitbag with two bodies, half a dozen lenses and all the paraphernalia of film photography. What I needed was a more […]


We have noticed a trend that should be encouraged. Who makes the best audio (or cycling) related beer mats? At present Gearbox Records has it.


April 11th saw the arrival of the Bespoked Handmade bike show in the Olympic velodrome, London. Here were gathered bike builders old and young with a selection of exquisitely executed machines to tempt the likes of me. I ride a carbon fibre mountain bike but have a penchant for a finely crafted steel frame, if […]

Linksys SE2800

Editor’s note: Rene’s last piece on Ethernet cables whipped up quite a response, it would seem that there are those who’d rather these things all sound the same. However if it were just ones and zeros then we would indeed have had ‘Perfect sound forever’ back in 1982. As it is file streaming is widely […]