Audiojumble 2013

Tannoy Monitor Gold

Tonbridge Audiojumble an essay in images by Tom Ullmann. Above Tannoy Monitor Gold and Lancaster cabinets, £1,750 the pair.



Marantz 10B, legendary FM tuner, £2,000



QUAD II and Leak Stereo 20, the definitive British classics



There aren't enough namesake products around anymore



Sensible choice of tubes but what is this power amp?



Onkyo Grand Integra M-510, solid build, £1,800



One of John Howes' Studers open to offer



Garrard Model 4HF, not quite a 301



Thorens TD124 II including original arm



A solid mystery amp from back in the day



Classics and also rans from the transistor's heyday



A 'lovingly restored' Grundig TR5 tape player for only £35



QUAD, Audio Analogue and Aiwa. Will you look at the quality of those switches



Old school wi-fi



Rose RV-23 from the early days of the tube audio revival



Lowther cabinets snapped up early for £140



Treasures from the loft



Free apple with every Focus One turntable or multimeter



Philips EL3300/00, the first cassette recorder, allegedly



It must be true. Check out the circuit board



In-car audio would never be the same again



New classics



A proper tape recorder,  offers over £10,000



QUAD II Classic £1,000 the pair