I don’t like saxophones but have to admit that Tore Brunborg brings considerable range to Tord Gustavsen’s Trio. He has been in the band for some time now but this is the first time I’ve caught them, and have to say that it was better than expected. Better than the new album sounds at home […]


Naim has pushed the boat out big time in Vegas. At £125,000 Statement is the most extreme amplifier it has ever made and I suspect the most expensive British amplifier currently available. But, crucially, it sounds so good and is built with so much precision and attention to detail that it almost seems like a […]


Chord Co’s Tuned ARAY interconnects are intriguing cables, they have the ability to turn a dense, messy recording into musical performance. This is not something I have encountered with any other cable and proves that this part of the system is equally as important as the source, amp and speakers, possibly more so. At £1,600 […]


The Longdog VDT1 (£3,650) may look like A.N. other DAC but under the subdued, precision casework lies a veritable humdinger of a converter. I won’t go into much detail as the full review is destined for another publication, but this is such an enjoyable, entertaining and downright musical piece of kit that I couldn’t keep […]

Tannoy Monitor Gold

Tonbridge Audiojumble an essay in images by Tom Ullmann. Above Tannoy Monitor Gold and Lancaster cabinets, £1,750 the pair.     Marantz 10B, legendary FM tuner, £2,000     QUAD II and Leak Stereo 20, the definitive British classics     There aren't enough namesake products around anymore     Sensible choice of tubes but […]


There are two reasons to visit Munich and one of them is the shop Manufactum which is truly one of the most inspiring retailers that I know of. The small selection of mobile phone shots on this page will hopefully give you some idea why. It is not only a hardware shop but a small […]


  Living Voice has been refining the Vox Olympian horn speaker for several years now and when I visited the company's Nottingham headquarters they had taken delivery of the latest and most elaborately finished version yet. The cabinet is made by Anglo Dutch super yacht fitters Struik & Hamerslag in Fakenham, Norfolk and the quality […]


Computer Audio Design, universal serial bus, digital to analogue converter. Enough TLAs already. Scott Berry, an American from London, demonstrated his dedicated USB converter to me and I am very impressed. It’s the least compromised computer oriented DAC that I’ve encountered, a state of affairs illustrated by the single USB input, single ended RCA phono […]


I recently reviewed the Townshend Audio Allegri autotransformer passive preamp in a mainstream UK hi-fi magazine and gave it five stars for sound quality and the same amount as an overall verdict. But I wasn’t so generous when it came to the build quality rating which got three stars. This is not because the Allegri […]


Yesterday, a visit from the man who designed the Xerxes turntable among many Roksan products rearranged my notions of how to get the best results out of computer audio. Touraj Moghaddam now runs Vertere where he develops and manufactures cables of ever greater variety. Yesterday he put an early sample of a mini-jack to RCA […]