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Build your own speakers


Falcon Acoustics have come up with a way to make their loudspeakers more affordable without compromising on quality. Complete at home is the name they have come up with for what are essentially kits containing the building blocks of a loudspeaker but which do not require any DIY skills to put together. Unlike kit form loudspeakers of old the IMF100 includes ready made veneered and finished cabinets into which you fit the crossover, wadding, drive units and terminals. It takes about 15 minutes per speaker to do and Falcon provide the Allen keys to do up the bolts. I got Falcon owner Jerry Bloomfield to demonstrate before making up the second one myself, this is how it went.


The IMF100 as it is supplied complete with magnetic grilles


Start by fitting the crossover (not shown but it’s in there) onto pegs in the cabinet, connect it to the terminal wires and feed the cables for woofer and tweeter out of the relevant cut-outs


Install the tweeter gasket then push the wires onto the tabs on the tweeter before aligning it over the fixing holes


Put the tweeter in place and orient it so that the lead out wires are horizontal before fitting the fixing bolts by hand


Tighten the fixings with the supplied Allen key


Fold the wadding and place it over the crossover


Fit the woofer gasket and connect the slide on tags to the drive unit, not that the tabs are different widths in order to maintain polarity


Pull the terminal cables from within the cabinet and push them onto the back ends of the terminals, making sure that the red wire goes to the red terminal


Jerry demonstrates the final stage of bolting on the terminal plate.

Watch this space for a review of the IMF100.

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