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Omegah is a remarkable musical feet that will never be heard and appreciated by enough people. The music is hard to define but post-modern-Americana may go some way towards describing it. The album contains essence of heavy metal, but can hardly be described as raucous, it has a lead violin backed by Hammond B3 with funky overtones, but can hardly be described as funk-jazz, it is folk, it is country and it is many other things, it is mostly an album made with intoxicating creative verve.

Omegah is the brainchild of Joe Brent (acoustic and electric mandolins), Grammy Nominee Sara Caswell (violin and hardanger d’amore) who uses bow and strings to weave and merge folk, country and modern classical sounds reminiscent of of Carl Nilsen, and Andrew Ryan (bass).  The three are joined by as many as 18 contributors who help to create a vast range of aural landscapes, in places these are minimalistic and in others they project energy and scale that’s nigh on symphonic. The track A New Machine is a great illustration of these attributes and a great example of the creativity and talent of this collective.

The recording quality is excellent if bright in places, at least on the 24-bit download, excellent depth of image and fast, pronounced and big bass ensure that even audiophiles will be able to fully enjoy the performance. Omegah makes a strong impression on first hearing, and even more so after the second and third times. It achieves a high level of musical craftsmanship and originality and that’s a rare quality.

Dallin Applebaum (vocals), Damien Bassman (drums), Michael Bellar (Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes and Contempo, Wurlitzer), Mairi Dorman- Phaneuf (cello), Kevin Garcia (drums, percussion), Justin Goldner (electric bass), Nathan Koci (piano), Kristine Kruta (cello), Mark Marshall (acoustic guitar), Nadje Noordhuis (trumpet, flugelhorn), Marco Paguia (piano), Rebecca Pechefsky (harpsichord), Emily Hope Price (cello), Mike Robinson (electric guitar), Ben Russell (violin), Jared Schonig (drums), Nuiko Wadden (harp), Glenn Zaleski (piano)

Reuben Klein

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