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Dino Saluzzi Group

El Valle de la Infancia



Formats available: CD

Dino Saluzzi’s group plays music pulls you in slowly without gimmicks, bombastic performance or pomposity. It isn’t old or new, it isn’t styled or filled with any messages. Rather it is a set of tracks filled with dreamy music that veer heavily towards the latin be it Iberic or South American. The group features:

Dino Saluzzi: bandoneon
José María Saluzzi: guitar, requinto guitar
Nicolás “Colacho” Brizuela: guitar
Félix “Cuchara” Saluzzi: tenor saxophone, clarinet
Matías Saluzzi: electric bass, double bass
Quintino Cinalli: drums, percussion

Three are members of the Saluzzi family and the synergy is evident across the length of the disc. Although there is a lead player the album never sounds any less than a collaborative effort that offers equal parts and gravitas to all the musicians that are contributing. As Saluzzi is a native of Argentina he pays homage to its instruments and rhythms. The music veers from tangos to native South American rhythms and even a hint of flamenco.  The music is never strained or anything less than melodious, it is sometimes lyrical and in places haunting. And to highlight the melodious sound the recording is, even for ECM, a marvel to listen to. Instruments are staged accurately and portrayed richly with little trace of digitalia. The bass extends low but has not been obviously engineered and the midrange reflects itself in a highly dimensional fashion.

This is an album to relax with, not one to take along on a commute (unless you want a relaxing commute, Ed). It is a rewarding experience that enriches and soothes in equal measures. And even on a moderate system the music will impress with its sublime recording quality. Having listened to it three times I am yet to be able to find a favourite track. I find it impossible, and furthermore suspect that many will do something they have not done for many a moons and just let the whole disc play its course. Very, very highly recommended!

Reuben Klein

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