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Gondwana Records

Formats available: CD

This album owes much to dear old Bach yet is funky, rocking, indy and many things besides. It is the most delightful album I have heard this year. And I have heard some notable and unique releases. Another compelling reason to love this album is that it has some of the meatiest, tightest bass lines that have been etched into the pits and lands of a CD.

V2.0 can be described as a set of organised musical explosions that are contemporary in style yet played on traditional instrumes, it is also lovely to hear at high volume. The sound is a musical amalgam that can only be described as very, very cool. There is something contagiously energetic and engaging about it, it is a northern European instrumental mish mash with influences that include flamenco, jazz, modern rock, and lots that can’t be described (electronica perhaps, Ed), but is ultimately very pleasing to the ears.

The recording a is a marvel, the double bass line alone is a good enough reason to purchase it. The people that make up this oddly name band are three Mancunians: Chris Illingworth (piano) Nick Blacka (bass) and Rob Turner (drums). The next time they play London I will be there to see if they can do this live, but for now they look highly likely to be one of the last two candidates for my albums of the year. Don’t waste a minute, listen to their music or miss one of the best bands out there.

Reuben’s stand out track: The Letter, Editor’s choice: To Drown In You

Reuben Klein

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