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João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Mário Franco, Samuel Rohrer


Sam Rohrer Brightbird


Formats available: CD

To some the album Brightbird might be considered an expression of modern jazz. I beg to respectfully disagree. This incredibly well recorded album sounds like a modern version of baroque music. It is very intricate and rich in tonal colour and harmonies. It is also almost ‘algebraic’ and often cerebral in its composition, requiring both concentration and a very open mind. Yet it is never difficult to listen to, a neat trick if you can pull it off.

Brightbird is a strictly acoustic collaboration by a trio of musicians. João Paulo Esteves plays piano, Mario Franco on double bass and Samuel Rohrer is the drummer/percussionist.  This is a very non-Brexit, pan European collaboration marrying Latin and Swiss temperaments and nationalities, it highlights the musical skills of all its protagonists and offer all the chance to strut their stuff.

Brightbird consists of 13 wonderfully recorded tracks that ebb and flow in a very intimate fashion with a constant gentle movement of complimentary layers of sound. The lush result relies on harmonies rather than rhythms and on intricate movements rather than on melodies.

The effect is a rich tapestry of musical shades that convey a very opulent yet reserved and introspective sonic character. In places intriguing, in parts very captivating, this album is certainly not for those who are looking for background music, it requires both concentration and an open mind (as well as open ears). Those who get to hear Brightbird will have the opportunity to enjoy a rich tapestry of sounds that are not often heard, and be the richer for it.

Reuben Klein

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