Iiro Rantala

WARNING: This album will spellbind from its first note and induces a feeling of well-being that is liable to spread smiles and relaxed expressions on the faces of listeners. This is the second time I have reviewed an album by this prolific Finish pianist and it won’t be the last. On this occasion Rantala has chosen to […]


Yogev Shetrit Trio

In his second album drummer Yogev Shetrit presents a compelling and unique fusion of middle-eastern, North African and Spanish Flamenco inspired rhythms packed into short, thoughtful and innovative musical gems. In places the style is distinctively jazz albeit of the most enjoyable and listenable type. In others it’s a cornucopia of world music that is […]


9 Horses

Omegah is a remarkable musical feet that will never be heard and appreciated by enough people. The music is hard to define but post-modern-Americana may go some way towards describing it. The album contains essence of heavy metal, but can hardly be described as raucous, it has a lead violin backed by Hammond B3 with […]


Roy Mor

This album is a treat. Straight jazz shuffle imbued with a significant influence of middle eastern themes courtesy of pianist Roy Mor’s original homeland. The album consists of 12 Jazz tracks that weave a personal tale and stand as separate musical statements. I get the impression that the musicians have enjoyed themselves immensely and likely […]



Masters Of Fog is a peach of an album. It’s the brainchild of a very able Swedish quartet going by the name of Tonbruket, among their number is the well known bass player Dan Berglund of E.S.T and various musical partnerships including Bugge Wesseltoft. The rest of the quartet consists of Martin Hederos on piano and […]


Kandace Springs

Singer/keyboard player Kandace Springs’ musical antecedents can be traced back to her first EP in 2014 also on the Blue Note label. She has since performed on the Letterman show and Prince said that she has a “voice that can melt snow”. The Women Who Raised Me is a reference to the artists that inspired her, thus […]

Stephen J Malkmus

Stephen J Malkmus

Former Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus seems to have a romantic side, maybe that’s a bit strong, but on this lovely album there’s not much obvious angst. Made with Decemberist Chris Funk and a bunch of great instruments and musicians Traditional Techniques is a feast of acoustic guitars with very little in the way of the […]


Wayne Shorter

Wayne Shorter’s lifelong fascination with comic books spurred Blue Note’s boss Don Was to propose the idea of a graphic novel to be created as an integral part of a musical project. The story created by Shorter and co-written with Monica Sly with illustrations by Randy Du Burke talks of Emanon, a super hero on […]

Ehud Asherie

Ehud Asherie Trio

Warning! This is a straight, old fashioned, pure wonderful jazz. No hocus pocus or complex musical expression. All such is replaced by the type of piano trio that will raise a smile in spite of and especially despite the best efforts of politicians to wipe such things away.The outrageous lack of pretence and joyful notes […]


Collectif Medz Bazar

Yet again a musical set of juxtapositions with styles, languages and harmonies not often heard on this sceptred isle. Collectif Medz Bazar is a largely French Armenian band that calls Paris home. The sound, tones and colours of the album are minor Asia-centric, with melodies and harmonies that migrated via the near east from India and […]

Pinhas and sons

Pinhas & Sons (פנחסובניו)

Pinhas and Sons or in their native Hebrew, Pinhas ve Banav, is an extraordinary collaboration of around 30 musicians. They weave remarkable textures, notes and styles, with classical, pop, prog rock, Arabic, Greek, Yemenite, Balkan, flamenco and samba elements, with some tunes managing to contain all of the above. The Pinhas tribe contains woodwind, brass, […]


Szun Waves

This album is difficult to describe but both musically intriguing and sonically appealing thanks to the use of acoustic as well as electronic instruments. Especially if you music that provides an escape into rich and undulating soundscape that touch on the ambient but have plenty going on. This is what the record label says about […]

snowghost sessions

Wayne Horvitz

Wayne Horvitz is a New York based jazz composer and musician who has collaborated with the likes of Bill Frisell, John Zorn, Fred Frith and Carla Bley among many others. Here the keyboard player and his rhythm section, Geoff Harper (double bass) and Eric Eagle (drums and percussion), navigates his way between a bit of […]


Fire! Orchestra

Ritualsees Erik Lindgren’s Mannen utan väg (The Man Without a Way) a Swedish modernist poem noted for its unconventional imagery and syntax, brought to life in a musical format by the Fire!Orchestra in the shape of five long suites. Originally the simple trio of Mats Gustaffson on sax, Johan Berthling on bass and Andreas Werliin […]

Susie Arioli

Susie Arioli Swing Band

Hailing from Montreal, Susie Arioli has championed jazz swing with a host of musicians and bands for nigh on twenty years. Pennies From Heavenwas released in 2002 and is her second album, it’s a smile inducing foot tapping affair. A perfect antidote to the endless stream of politics, news and other negative tales of wow and […]