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Pinhas & Sons (פנחסובניו)

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Pinhas and sons


Formats available: CD

Pinhas and Sons or in their native Hebrew, Pinhas ve Banav, is an extraordinary collaboration of around 30 musicians. They weave remarkable textures, notes and styles, with classical, pop, prog rock, Arabic, Greek, Yemenite, Balkan, flamenco and samba elements, with some tunes managing to contain all of the above. The Pinhas tribe contains woodwind, brass, percussion, violins, violas, mandolins, Saz, etc. Some will compare the ensemble to Snarky Puppy, but to my ears the Pinhas’s effort is far more engaging and encompassing on many levels.

The list of musicians is far too extensive for inclusion here but the core group consists of Noa Karadavid (vocals) Ofer Pinhas (piano, vocals), Barak Srour (flute), Moshiko Givan (violin), Daniel Tanchelson (viola) Barak Sarour (guitars), Lior Ozeri (bass) Sharon Petrover (drums) and Matan Arbel (percussion). They are supported by around 25 other musician that aid in the creation of an intimate yet vast wall of musical tapestry containing rhythmic and harmonic combinations that in places beguile and in others mesmerise, all performed with uncanny precision and verve. Listeners will quickly get used to the constant flow of styles harmonies and rhythms, they form an intoxicating brew of unusual yet never challenging tracks.

The recording is very good and in WAV form at least is fast and accurate while forming a wall of sound that extends beyond the plain of the speakers. This is a perfect opportunity to immerse one’s ears in a bubbling gumpot of influences that are brought together in charming fashion by a highly talented ensemble.
Reuben Klein

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