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2024 has not started well but this album is one of the best antidotes one can employ to escape the news, rain and wind. Quindecinnial (an event that occurs once every 15 years) is a long and joyous affair, it offers musical joy for the better part of two hours played by a very talented Serbian quartet named EYOT.

Dejan Ilijic (piano), Sladjan Milenovic (guitar), Marko Stojiljkovic (bass) and Milos Vojvodic (drums) weave a musical tale that incorporates a wide range of styles, in places they are reminiscent of GoGo Penguin, in others they could be mistaken for the Australian band The Necks. The EYOT sound is more prog rock of the highest pedigree than jazz and one can imagine that inspiration during the band members’ formative years may have included a love for the latter works of King Crimson.

Those who are familiar with the music and rhythms of what can loosely be described as the former Yugoslavia will be able to hear this in the rhythms and tuneful zest of that region. But there is an original accent that makes the album all the more unique. There is also a Steve Reich element that makes the tracks interesting to the ear.

Quindecinnial celebrates EYOT’s 15 year musical journey, it’s made of 16 tracks captured during performances in Japan, France, Italy, Russia, USA, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Switzerland and Macedonia. Even though the album is made of purely live the recording quality is surprisingly good if a little hard edged at times.

From first note to the last dying one, this album is an unmitigated journey of discovery of musical joy creativity and originality. Trying to highlight favourite tracks was akin to murdering favourite kittens, as such the following is a list of ‘get to know EYOT’ recommendations: Veer, Whale Song and She is Dreaming of a Better Day stand as unique amongst the greats.

Quindecinnial is for the most part unlikely to challenge or offer pretentious themes that will turn off attention or enjoyment, it is an engrossing affair that will be adored by jazz, rock and prog rock devotees. A great effort offered by some amazingly talented and very original musicians.

Download and savour this album in one long session or in small morsels of soulful intoxicating music. Do not miss the opportunity to get to know EYOT.

Reuben Klein

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