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Wayne Horvitz

The Snowghost Sessions

snowghost sessions


Formats available: CD

Wayne Horvitz is a New York based jazz composer and musician who has collaborated with the likes of Bill Frisell, John Zorn, Fred Frith and Carla Bley among many others. Here the keyboard player and his rhythm section, Geoff Harper (double bass) and Eric Eagle (drums and percussion), navigates his way between a bit of the avant but mostly the modern and traditional, applying equal aplomb and talent to all three styles.

The Snowghost Sessions will divide, intrigue, charm and hold listeners spellbound, all in a manner that will never insult the intelligence and is devoid of any attempt to create controversy. Horvitz’s playing is sensitive and sensual, it has a beautiful balance that carries the listener through a marvellous musical landscape that combines tunes and rhythms that are as captivating as they are original and intelligent. The 15 tracks are soulful, mesmerising and melodious in equal parts, you are always left yearning for them to continue beyond their mostly short runs of two to three minutes.

The recording is open and accurate if somewhat ‘digital’ and processed, a warm fast sounding system will give it a bit more of an ‘analogue’ feel and smooth the slightly bright edge to the cymbals and some of the electronic effects. This is a slightly mellow but never dark album superbly performed by all involved. It’s exceedingly highly recommended for those who are looking for an original musical interpretation of modern jazz, the type that will endear and stay with listeners long after the last note has stopped reverberating.

Reuben Klein

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