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Yogev Shetrit Trio



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In his second album drummer Yogev Shetrit presents a compelling and unique fusion of middle-eastern, North African and Spanish Flamenco inspired rhythms packed into short, thoughtful and innovative musical gems.

In places the style is distinctively jazz albeit of the most enjoyable and listenable type. In others it’s a cornucopia of world music that is anchored around the eastern and southern shores of the Mediterranean.

Accompanying Shetrit are a large number of musicians that include: Moshe Elamkias (piano), Stav Goldberg (piano), Avri Borochov (bass), Meni Welt (bass), Mike Karuchi, Amir Alaev (percussion) Aviva Alaev (violin), Matan Caspi (darbuka drum) and Harel Shahal (clarinet).

Salsa, Yemenite, Arab and Moroccan styles as well as shades of traditional eastern European themes are woven throughout the album and in most cases intermingle in the same tracks. All the musicians that accompany Shetrit play with precision and commendable aplomb as they switch styles and beats. Three tracks stand out and reveal the immense talent shown by all the players, Guatamala, the version of Bésame Mucho the title track Serenity.

Although the sample offered for the review is an MP3 copy, it was possible to hear the warm, analogue tonal signature of the recording, and even though the sound is very compressed I could get glimpses of nice separation between instruments, well defined cymbals and percussion as well as a generous yet tight bass. Engrossing and enjoyable Serenity is highly recommended to chase away the winter blues.

Reuben Klein

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