6TB of Melco for under £3k

Melco N50 Front hi res

Melco Audio has announced a new full-width HDD music library that bridges the gap between the entry-level N100 and the compact N1Z, whilst offering a sizeable 6 TB of audiophile-grade storage.

Handcrafted in Japan, in line with all of Melco’s music libraries, the new N50-H60 offers key performance upgrades over Melco’s most affordable music library, the half-width N100, whilst benefitting from greater accessibility over the N1Z/2EX-H50; all three are HDD-based.

A full-width design, the high-capacity N50-H60 is available in silver or black and enjoys the classic aesthetics of Melco’s full-width predecessor, the N1A, with wide-ranging internal upgrades to power supplies, circuity and drive unit performance. The N50-H60 retains the 1.7 mm-thick chassis, IEC power inlet and noise filter and timeless Melco appearance.

Key to the performance of the new N50-H60 is an enhanced main circuit board with a specially selected, 6 TB HDD drive coupled to a brand new rigid HDD mounter carefully floated inside the chassis for greater isolation. Additional capacity can also be added with Melco’s E100 3 TB HDD drive. A dynamic PSU has 25 % more output, while re-engineered isolation feet offer additional protection from vibration.


The rear panel includes four specific USB ports: USB 3.0; Expansion; Back Up; plus a dedicated DAC output for USB convertors and USB DAC-equipped amplifiers/active speakers. The USB suite enables connected devices to operate effortlessly (without any configuration) offering: importing/playback from memory devices, HDD/SSD drives and CD drives/rippers; capacity expansion with Melco’s E100 (or other) storage drive; plus easy back-up.

The back panel also includes a key Melco USP: dedicated dual Ethernet ports which provide a dedicated Player port in addition to the LAN port, to minimise the unwanted effects of noise on the music signal and present network audio players with a direct, high data-integrity connection. The N50-H60 can be connected to a streamer (via ethernet) using the Player port, or used as a local player with the dedicated USB DAC output.

The N50-H60 benefits from a high-quality OLED display with push-button control, plus Melco’s Intelligent Music Library suite comprising MinimServer and SongKong software. The library is Roon Ready, DSD compatible and offers app control via DLNA/UPnP (in USB DAC mode) with support for Tidal, Qobuz and vTuner streaming. Qobuz Downloader and also enable direct, high-res downloads without the need for a computer. The new HDD model follows the October 2021-announced N50-S38 (£4,999) which is differentiated by the use of a high-performance SSD drive for improved sound quality. The N50-H60 is available now in silver or black, priced at £2,999.

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