A-T’s Sound Burger portable turntable is back  

AT SB2022 3

As part of its 60th anniversary celebration, Audio-Technica has brought back the ultimate portable turntable, the (meat free) Sound Burger. After merging a pop art style with high-fidelity audio some 40 years ago, the Sound Burger returns with the same unmistakable aesthetic.

While the new Sound Burger remains faithful to its roots, it’s packing wireless connectivity over Bluetooth and a USB-C charging port.

AT SB2022

The updated Sound Burger has a belt-drive system that plays 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records, and uses a dynamic balance system that sees pressure applied to the stylus via a spring, alongside a DC motor. While the Sound Burger is a portable design, the inclusion of an RCA audio cable as well as Bluetooth means that it can be hooked up to a home stereo or speaker system either wired or wirelessly. The Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 is priced at £199.99/€229.

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