Apogee Groove moving music for 40 years

Apogee Groove Anniversary Edition portable DAC and headphone amp

Apogee Groove Anniversary Edition portable DAC and headphone amp

Apogee Electronics proudly announces the release of the 40th Anniversary Edition Apogee Groove, marking four decades of excellence in audio interfaces and technology. This special edition of the Apogee Groove pays homage to our legacy while introducing cutting-edge enhancements for an even more exceptional listening experience.

Groove Anniversary Edition sets a new standard by delivering 32bit resolution, improved dynamic range and frequency response, and access to hi-res lossless audio by your favourite platforms.

The Cleanest Groove Has Ever Sounded

With an improved signal to noise ratio and reduced Total Harmonic Distortion, you will experience an unprecedented level of clarity and fidelity. Groove Anniversary Edition has a tighter tolerance in its frequency response, allowing you to hear more accurately and create translatable mixes. When you can hear what’s really in your mix, you can make fast, distinctive decisions that translate to the outside world. Fully experience the depth of your mixes with Groove Anniversary Editions new 32-bit DAC.

Apogee Groove Anniversary Edition portable DAC and headphone amp

iOS, Mac, and PC friendly

From the new iPhone 15 Pro Max to the iPad Pro with USB-C, Groove Anniversary Edition is fully compatible to empower customers to experience lossless audio from Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, and Tidal. “In anticipation of celebrating our 40th anniversary, the Apogee Groove embodies our dedication to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence. We are thrilled to introduce a special edition that not only pays tribute to our rich history but also represents the latest advancements in audio technology,” said Betty Bennett, CEO and Co-Founder

The 40th Anniversary Edition Apogee Groove will be available for purchase starting March 1st, 2024 for $349.

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