App appeal – Chord 2 HD


Chord Electronics has a new control app for its high-resolution DSX1000 and CodeX music streamers, offering improved performance, functionality and control.

The Chord 2 HD app, which is available for both the iPad and iPhone, will initially be available for devices running iOS 8.0 and above, with an Android version to follow. Chord 2 HD brings a number of improvements over Chord’s debut control app (Chord HD), which will remain available for older devices. Chord 2 HD is a slicker and more ergonomic control app with a wide range of new features, giving improved control and interactivity with streamed audio content. It has been designed with a strong graphical focus with album artwork featuring throughout. A wide range of functionality has been added, including a comprehensive search function plus improved internet radio and media browsing.

Further features include volume control, playlist composition and editing, and a cue-in function. The app also allows users to ‘push’ local content on devices to Chord’s streamers over a network, enabling the playback of visitors’ audio content, for example. The free app is available now from iTunes.

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