April 1st ‘prank’ fail


In the UK, and some other countries around the world, 1 April is known as ‘April Fools’ Day’ and is, traditionally, a day for harmless and light-hearted pranks. This year, one particular ‘prankster’ went too far and posted a false article and forged a press release on his hi-fi review website stating that Chord Electronics had closed because of the Coronavirus.

Chord Electronics cannot speak to the motivations behind the post but is deeply saddened that anyone would attempt to make light of what is a global tragedy at a time when so many are experiencing personal loss. The Company would like to assure press and public alike that the article that was posted was false and that, subject of course to keeping our staff healthy, it is very much business as usual. 

The company has posted a response to yesterday’s events on its social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) and would invite anyone wishing to keep up to date with official news and updates, to follow them.

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