ATC Loudspeaker Technology Special Editions


ATC Loudspeaker Technology has produced a new series of Special Edition speaker designs. Available in active and passive versions and based on ATC’s reference SCM50, SCM100 and SCM150 monitors, the limited edition SCM50SE, SCM100SE and SCM150SE models feature the Company’s proprietary acoustic systems set within beautifully curved cabinets, precision-finished in a choice of exclusive real-wood veneer combinations.

Designed and hand-built at ATC’s UK development and production facility at Stroud, Gloucestershire, the new three-way SE towers are a step up in size and capability over the standard versions. They are housed in finely curved multi-layer laminated cabinets, distinguished by an exclusive colour blend of high quality veneer in rosewood, burr magnolia or high gloss cherry with crowning ‘top brow’ detail.

Customers are able to select any veneer for the cabinet, with a choice of three combinations: black with red inlaid stripes (horns), matching veneer with nickel stripes, or black with black stripes. Completing the distinctive Special Edition design, rear venting and input panels are PVD (physical vapour deposition) coated for a beautiful, scratch-resistant nickel ‘tone’, and acid-etched with Special Edition details. Each tower sits on adjustable spiked feet bolted to the cabinet through a frosted acrylic plinth.


Available as active or passive systems, the new SE models employ a three-way configuration of proprietary ATC drivers, designed and hand-assembled at Stroud. Each system includes the company’s new SH25-76S 25mm soft dome, dual-suspension ‘S-Spec’ tweeter and the renowned SM75-150S 75mm Super Dome mid-range driver. First produced in 1976, the SM75-150S remains a benchmark for midrange drive unit performance. Below the SM75-150S, bass drivers share ATC’s familiar ‘underhung’ voice-coil design and incorporate the Company’s Super-Linear (SL) magnet technology for excellent linearity and power handling. The SCM50SE employs the 234mm (9”) SL driver; the SCM100SE (above) uses the 314mm (12”) SL driver, and the SCM150SE, the (15”) SL design.

The Active SEs are equipped with ATC’s highest performance three-way amplifiers featuring the Company’s discrete 21 transistor op-amps in the input, buffer and filter stages for the lowest possible noise and distortion. No integrated circuits are used. Dedicated class A/B MOSFET output stages for each drive unit form a tri-amplifier of 350 watts, while the active crossovers employ all-pass filters to ensure the best possible phase coherency through the crossover regions. Parallel overload protection circuits ensure power amp hard clipping does not occur. The Passive SEs deploy ATC’s latest optimised crossover designs developed to provide an easy load for a separate power amplifier.

Conceived and built according to ATC’s no-compromise engineering regimen, the new SEs are the latest of a long line of limited edition speaker systems to unite the brand’s award-winning audio performance with the qualities of luxury design and finish. All ATC products carry a six year warranty.

UK Pricing
SCM50SE passive / active £23671 / £26964
SCM100SE passive / active £25638 / £28921
SCM150SE passive / active £31879 / £35406



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