Atlas adds Ailsa Achromatic speaker cable


Atlas cables have announced the new Atlas Ailsa Achromatic speaker cable. Joining the Ailsa Achromatic interconnect, which was launched in 2021, Ailsa is pitched between the company’s Hyper and Mavros cable ranges and offers users OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) conductor technology and microporous PTFE dielectrics at a lower price point than previously available. Designed from the ground up, Ailsa is aimed at mid to high end system users and features technology found in the higher-end Mavros range.

Ailsa Achromatic speaker cable consists of 2 x 3.0mm2 OCC multi-strand copper conductors wrapped in a high-efficiency microporous PTFE dielectric. This is enhanced with super stabilised conductor geometry (SSG isolation layer), an extruded outer layer that keeps the multiple strand conductor symmetrical and geometrically accurate. The cable is then packed out with anti-vibration cotton filler and finished with a high-gloss grey jacket.

As with all Atlas analogue products, the Ailsa speaker cable is delivered from the factory terminated with the company’s Achromatic Z (4mm plugs) or S (spade terminals). Being low mass and non-conductive, the plug body eliminates the detrimental effects of circulating Eddy currents, whilst also being self-cleaning.

Ailsa Achromatic speaker cable is available in pre-packaged pairs with Z or S connections: 
2.0m £1,395
3.0m £1,995
5.0m £3,195
7.0m £4,395


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