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Atlas Cables has launched the Eos em, its latest range of mains power cables. Consisting of two models – Eos 4.0em and Eos 2.5em – this range is a fully screened ‘dual drain’ design, which builds on Atlas’ ongoing efforts to reduce the effects of airborne electromagnetic interreference (RFI). Now incorporating a carbon-loaded screening process, the Eos em range offers superior protection against the effects of RF radiation The Atlas Cables Eos 4.0em and 2.5em power cable range is available now, starting at £595 and £345 respectively for a 1-meter IEC/13A plug length

For each conductor, Atlas Cables Eos em utilises a high current capacity oxygen free copper (OFC), with the 4.0 variant having a 4mm2 cross section and the 2.5 having a 2.5mm2 cross section of twisted strands.  Each of the three internal conductors is sheathed using highly stabilised PVC dielectrics, and then twisted together with the other two conductors.  Anti-vibration filler packs out the conductors, which are then covered in a new hybrid carbon screen.  The additional dual drain system conductors are combined with the hybrid carbon screen to maximise performance before the whole construction is covered in soft PVC and finished with black protective fabric sleaving.

Atlas’ Dual Drain technology principally acts as a super filter against harmful RF AC power contamination, apparently it dumps any airborne and electromagnetic disturbance effects rapidly to earth, removing them from the AC power feed.

Both ends of the cable are terminated with high quality IEC and 13 Amp Eos power plugs (Nema and Shuko terminations are also available), with IEC C15 and C19 available for the 4.0 and IEC C13 for the 2.5.  Every internal mechanical connection is damped with a two-part high-density Epoxy resin, which also seals the primary connection points airtight thereby mitigating any long term oxidisation issues. All plugs have copper-bronze pins that are highly polished then deep silver plated for the best contact.

Atlas Cables has also upgraded its range of Modular power distributers.  Both the Eos Modular 2.5em and Eos Modular 4.0em have had the internal wiring replaced with the em (electromagnetic) cable.  Atlas’ em technology combines proprietary ‘dual drain’ technology (principally a super filter against harmful incoming RF AC power contamination) with an all-new carbon-loaded screening process.  The result offers superior protection against the effects of the RF and electromagnetic radiation found in modern homes.

The Atlas Cables Eos Modular 2.5em and Eos Modular 4.0em power distribution products are available now, starting at £295 and £865 respectively

The Eos Modular 2.5em is a robust six-way screened power extension block designed and built to deliver unimpeded power to audio system components.  Housed in an aluminium chassis, each socket is optimised for low contact resistance and minimal resistive losses.  A direct ground drain path for screened interconnects and cables offers connection for the company’s Grun Coherent Earth system, which reduces the system noise floor still further, typically removing the digital ‘glare’ which is a typical symptom of RFI/EMI noise degrading the audio signal.

The Eos Modular 4.0em mains block combines sockets designed for higher power items (eg. amplifiers) with sophisticated filtered variants for equipment processing delicate low-level signals (eg. CD players & DACs).  The block is fully shielded, constructed from a welded steel chassis with anti-vibration contact damping and is configurable with optional filtered sockets. All components are of the highest quality, with the filtering circuit board being of heavy-duty design with gold-plated connections.  Like its sibling, the Eos Modular 4.0em also features a direct ground drain connection.

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