Atlas XLR digital for less


Atlas Cables has launches its latest balanced digital audio cable within its mid-priced Hyper range. The Hyper AES/EBU draws on the ideas that Atlas developed for its superior performance Mavros AES/EBU. After additional research, the company is now able to package much of that design philosophy into a 110-ohm digital cable within its mid-priced Hyper range priced from £185.

The Hyper AES/EBU cable carries a balanced version of the standard S/PDIF digital audio protocol. One of the primary challenges is to keep as close as possible to the 110-ohm characteristic impedance specification to minimise cable reflections and avoid timing errors caused by jitter. Atlas chose to use a balanced pair of silver-plated OFC conductors enclosed within a multi-level screen constructed from aluminium Mylar film and OFC woven braid. 

Each conductor is wrapped with a highly efficient microporous PTFE dielectric tape. The cable is manufactured using an anti-vibration super soft cotton filler and uses the same low contact resistance balanced XLR plug found in its Mezzo XLR cable.

Atlas Cables MD, Kevin Kelly says, “We spend a huge amount of time developing new technology for our flagship cables, always with the goal of offering as transparent a cable as possible.  Therefore, it is always a benefit when we can utilise some of that design philosophy further down the range.”

UK pricing.
Hyper  AES/EBU      0.5m – £185.00 
Hyper  AES/EBU      0.75m – £205.00
Hyper  AES/EBU      1.0m – £225.00 
Hyper  AES/EBU      1.5m – £265.00
Hyper  AES/EBU      2.0m – £305.00
Hyper  AES/EBU      3.0m – £385.00 



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