Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2


Audio-Technica has announced the ATH-M50xBT2 wireless headphones, replacing the ATH-M50x over-ear studio model, this second generation model is priced at ¬£179.99. The M50xBT2 has the proprietary 45mm drivers and in-app EQ adjustment of its immediate predecessor plus new features including an AK4331 DAC and dedicated internal headphone amp. 

Compatibility with the AAC and LDAC wireless audio codecs has been added and a low-latency mode reduces delay to keep audio and video in sync for smoother streaming and gaming. With dual mics and beamforming microphone technology, the M50xBT2 offers communication with the built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant. 

The sidetone circuitry of the M50xBT2 allows you to hear your voice in the headphones when making calls on most smartphones, and the mic can be muted with a simple press of a button. Control of volume/mute, music, and access to the voice assistant (Amazon Alexa Built-in, Google Assistant, Siri) are all possible through buttons built into the left earcup. 

Multipoint pairing allows wireless connection to two Bluetooth devices at once, while Google Fast Pair enables pairing with an Android smartphone or other device. A-T claims up to 50 hours of continuous use on a full charge and up to 3 hours of use on a 10-minute rapid charge via an improved USB-C connection. A 1.2m (3.9″) cable is included for optional wired use. 

Use the A-T Connect app to activate low-latency mode, adjust EQ (and save settings to headphones), change L/R volume balance, select your preferred voice assistant, locate misplaced headphones, change codecs, and more. 

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