Audiosolutions debuts Overture Mk3


Audiosolutions have launched Overture MK3, a third generation entry level speaker range that has been completely reworked with new cabinets, drivers and crossover structures. The self-locking cabinet of Overture MK2 has been updated to a box- in-a-box structure. This is remarkably stiff yet has extremely good dampening properties according to Audiosolutions. The cabinet consists of two intersecting cabinets – a lightweight inner box and heavy outer box. The polyurethane layer in between the two boxes acts as dampening material. A thin but stiff inner cabinet provides necessary support for the structure as well as transferring energy to the outer cabinet layers without storing energy inside the material and preventing internal reflections from acting on the driver(s). Fast energy transfer is essential in order to prevent low Q oscillations which can last relatively long and ruin precise sound reproduction. Overture MK3 uses heavily upgraded drivers that use similar materials to the company’s Figaro drivers. Both ranges share the same ER cones with the magnet system and dampening rings reworked to suit Overture MK3, as well as high power voice coils. High frequencies are reproduced by lightweight silk dome tweeter with a new mini horn system that provides better time alignment than in the MK2. The mini horn is designed to minimise distortion in the driver as well as increasing efficiency. 

The five strong range starts with two stand mounds; the Overture O301C centre channel with two 152mm paper cone woofers and a 25mm silk dome tweeter at €1,050, and the O302B stand mount with a single 152mm woofer and the same tweeter in a 360mm high cabinet. The floorstanders are: O303F (€2,900) with two woofers and a tweeter in a 938mm cabinet, O304F (€3,600) with two bass drivers, tweeter and midrange in a 990mm cabinet, and the O305F (€4,200) with larger 183mm bass drivers, mid and tweeter in a 1110mm cabinet. Overture MK3 is being offered in two standard colors gloss black and gloss white with optional oak, mahogany and wenge veneer premium finishes 

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