Auralic + Amazon Music


Auralic has added the capability to stream Amazon Music Unlimited on all of its streaming products. Owners of Auralic products may now control and play Amazon Music from within Lightning DS, the control app designed in-house by the Auralic engineering team. 

With Amazon Music Unlimited, subscribers can stream more than 75 million lossless, high- definition (HD) songs, with a bit-depth of 16 bits and a sample rate of at least 44.1 kHz (CD quality). Customers can also stream more than 7 million songs in hi-res (better than CD quality), with a bit-depth of 24 bits and a sample rate up to 192 kHz, which reveals even more nuances that were once lost in files compressed for digital streaming. 

The team at Auralic continually seeks out new, high-quality music subscription services to integrate with their product range as part of an ongoing effort to provide customers with as many options as possible when streaming music at the highest levels of quality. 

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