Auralic Tidal, Qobuz & Roon giveaway


Auralic is running a value added summer offer on its Aries wireless streaming bridge (£1,495), Altair streaming DAC (£1,749) and Polaris streaming amplifier (£3,499). They are offering free subscriptions to premium music streaming services Qobuz and Tidal or Roon’s control app with purchases of the above products.
Purchasers of the Aries wireless streaming bridge or Altair wireless streaming DAC can choose six months Qobuz Sublime or Tidal Hifi subscription or 12 months Roon subscription – worth £120 free of charge.
Polaris wireless streaming amplifier customers can choose a 12 month Qobuz Sublime Plus, 24bit High Resolution subscription worth £349, or 12 month Tidal Hifi and Roon subscription – worth £359 free of charge. The offer runs from July 15th to September 31st.
In addition, the existing Vega digital processor, Taurus Mk2 headphone amplifier and Merak amplifiers are available at a 25% price reduction during the promotion period. Suggested prices are:

Vega              £2250
Taurus Mk2   £1275
Merak            £1499

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