Bluetooth Box with Wi-Fi App


Heinz Lichtenegger, President of Pro-Ject Audio Systems inc Box Design, explains:
“Today the modern customer does not understand the need for big boxes with a lot of air inside. With modern digital technology and SMD circuit boards, you can minimise the size of outer casing without loss of performance quality. On the other hand big boxes make products unnecessarily expensive. It is our very strong belief that in some years there will be only a few or no standard 44cm products below the 1,000 Euro price barrier. Heavy and big 44cm components will always be a part of the high-end business, but normal music lovers will be more interested in products which are compact and powerful.“ The MaiA DS is 206mm wide.
The Box Design MaiA DS is his new proposal for such customers. It provides everything that the modern listener needs:
Phono connectivity
3 Analog line inputs
3 Digital inputs
USB input
Bluetooth input
Plus all popular outputs to make it flexible
Headphone output
Fixed output for recording or second zone
Variable output for a subwoofer
BD MaiADS back
MaiA DS ́s technical components are designed to satisfy the audiophile ́s demands too:
2x 55 W in a double-mono-design amp with tube-like sound
24bit / 192kHz high resolution audio with a double high-end TI 1796 DAC configuration
DSD Playback capability
USB XMOS asynchronous USB Aptx 4 th generation Bluetooth
MM / MC phonostage
Stiff, resonance-free housing
Heavy-duty, gold-plated connectors

maiads app
App control
“What makes this amplifier absolutely unique” is the built in Box Control system, which allows easy control of this and other IR controlled devices from Pro-Ject via a free App. A mobile device with activated Bluetooth (paired with MaiA DS) control does not need a WiFi environment at all. The system works even during Bluetooth music playback.
Controls IR devices
No Wi-Fi needed
Full control via Bluetooth
Android-App is available (Apple will follow)
Pre programmed Box Design devices
Controls Stream Boxes, MaiA DS, CD player .
The Box Design MaiA DS will be available in July for €799

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