Boulder 2110 & 2150


Boulder has revised its range topping and long running 2000 series pre/power components with a new 2100 range. The 2110 preamplifier replaces the 2010 with a four chassis assembly of separate power supply and amplification units. It features full surface mount PCB construction and a microprocessor controlled standby function to reduce power consumption. It uses ultra-low-noise gain stages in machined and potted housings for thermal stability and has a redesigned white display for greater visibility. Front panels have also been updated with a wraparound glass display window and the machined casework is bead blasted and anodised. Volume control is stepped and CMOS powered with fully balanced operation, the 2110 can also be controlled over IP for custom install applications. Suggested retail price is $54,000 in the US.


2110 frnt


2150 TT L1 03
The 2150 is a new mono power amplifier primarily derived from the Boulder 3050, pure class A it can output “up to 1,000 watts into any load” with the aid of 80 output devices and three power transformers. Its circuit boards are entirely complemented with surface mount devices and built in house and it matches the 2110 in having an energy saving standby mode, one can imagine that it uses plenty of juice in operation. Styling and finish match the 2110 and suggested pricing is $49,000 each.


2150 TT L1 09

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