Brighton calling


Brighton has not seen a decent hi-fi show since the eighties so it’s apt that two should come along at once. On the 29th and 30th of March the Chester Group will present Audio World ‘14 at the Holiday Inn and 15 Audio has gathered its suppliers and associates in the Hilton Brighton Metropole.

Audio World will feature demonstrations of kit by Vivid, Naim, Focal, MCRU, Voxativ, Funk Firm, Hart, Alacrity and Audio Note among many others. There will be the chance to win Focal, Fostex and Final headphones as well as Naim PowerLine mains cable. Entrance is £13 on the door or £11.50 in advance and doors are open 10 – 6 on Saturday but close an hour earlier on the Sunday.

High end dealer 15 Audio’s show has free entry and will feature demonstrations of kit from Astintrew, Boulder, Belles, Burmester, TAD, DALI, Oracle and Vivid Audio again among a slew of brands. This event will be open 9 – 7 on Saturday and also closes an hour earlier on Sunday.

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