Cambridge AXN and MXN streamers

AX 05 AXN10 Product Isolated Lifestyle Hero9874 v1

Cambridge Audio has added the AXN10 and MXN10 to its range of network music players. The full-size, limited edition AXN10 (above) joins Cambridge Audio’s entry level AX Series of hi-fi separates.The MXN10 (below) offers the same features and functionality in a more compact form factor, making it a discreet and easy way to add streaming to any music system. Both are controlled with the Streammagic app and offer access to internet radio, Chromecast, Spotify connect, Tidal, Qobuz, Roon and Airplay 2.

MX 3 MXN10 Sitting next to and being dwarfed by a full Oak record

”At Cambridge Audio we believe in offering our listeners choice; it’s essential to offer diverse routes to the music you love. We’re delighted to expand the StreamMagic family to even more listeners worldwide,” says Cambridge Audio CEO, Stuart George.

AXN10 rear

The 215mm wide Cambridge Audio AXN10 will be available with a suggested retail price of £549/$599//€599. The full width MXN10 will be available with a suggested retail price of £449/$499/€499. Both will be available from March.

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