Canor TP306VR+ phono stage


Slovakia’s premium tube electronics manufacturer has released the TP306VR+, a phono stage with distinctly high end sensibilities. For starters it’s an MM/MC stage with tube regulation and Lundahl step-up transformers for moving coil cartridges, all signal path  capacitors are Mundorf polypropylenes and it sits in a resonance damped chassis with separate chambers for the power supply and each channel. All solid stuff but there’s more, where Canor pushes the envelope is in the way that it mills out the PCBs so that critical tracks have the electrical characteristics of a direct wired connection with an air dielectric. The boards are isolated with rubber mountings to avoid microphony and the mains transformer has a double copper foil internal shielding together with a screened housing to minimise electromagnetic noise.
The TP306VR+ has a wide range of impedance, capacitance and gain settings in order to accommodate the vast majority of cartridges. For instance there are seven impedance settings for each of the three gain levels on MC. The unit comes with a remote handset and has a price tag of £2,750.

UK distributor

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