Chasing the hi-res Dragon


Chasing the Dragon have opened a high resolution download section to their site. Until now the audiophile label has specialized in direct to disc recordings, released solely on vinyl with some on CD, but now they are offering back catalogue and the forthcoming España album in multiple hi res formats. Their recordings are entirely live and captured with a Decca tree microphone arrangement without compression, as a result they have a tendency to sound stunning on vinyl. The digital versions are available in their native resolutions from 24/88.2 up to double DSD.

The latest release was made just over a week ago at Air studios where the National Symphony Orchestra performed three pieces for España – A Tribute to Spain. This performance was also captured on a Neuman binaural head specifically designed to give best results with headphones. It was recorded directly to a Nagra VI at 24/192 and therefore should be pretty spectacular. For more information and pricing go to

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