Chester Group offers start ups 25% discount

Chester group welcomes start ups with 25% discount

Cheaper rooms for new companies at Chester Group shows

The Chester Group which runs the UK Audio Show and London Audio Show have always ensured full support for the industry both in the UK and overseas, and in 2024 we are setting aside a quota of rooms and stands for new start up companies. If you are one of these or perhaps you know of someone that would benefit from exposure please do contact us and we will try to help.

The rooms or stands are limited as each are offered at 25% off the brochure price and will include the Chester Group unique all in package of either B&B or DB&B for two nights thus representing affordability. This works out at under £1,000 for two nights inclusive of DB&B.

Terms are very strict, companies must be a proven start up that has not attended any offsite events to date. That is any event beyond one’s workplace, be that for networking, market feedback/response, press coverage, or even sales. For more information contact Justin at the Chester Group.

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