Chord Anni desktop power


Chord Electronics has launched its first desktop integrated amplifier, Anni. Capable of driving both headphones and compact loudspeakers, the Qutest-sized Anni benefits from the company’s proprietary Ultima circuit topology and is designed for high-performance headphones, desktop monitors and high-resolution audio sources. 

Anni offers Chord Electronics’ dual-feed-forward error-correction circuit topology whether using headphones or loudspeakers. With both 3.5mm and ¼-inch (6.35 mm) headphones outputs, so two can listen simultaneously, plus 4mm banana-type loudspeaker outputs, Anni delivers 10 watts of amplification, controlled by a volume control that also doubles as an input selector switch for two line-level inputs. A two-stage gain control for loudspeakers provides additional flexibility with a wide range of desktop monitors.

Anni benefits from the same CNC-machined casework common to all Chord Electronics’ products, and is entirely designed, engineered and built in the UK. The company’s trademark polychromatic control spheres govern the power and gain controls, complementing the volume control/input selector. Anni is powered by a 15 V external power supply and has a 12 V DC output, capable of powering the Qutest DAC and Huei phono stage when used with the new Qutest range power adaptor (supplied). Anni is shipping now (black only); UK SRP: £1,195

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