Chord Co powers up Epic


Chord Company is offering A/V lovers “epic levels of clean power delivery” for their systems with the launch of Epic Power. Expanding the Epic cable portfolio Epic Power is a high-performance power cable that benefits from Chord Company’s proprietary ARAY mechanical tuning technology, 37-year UK design, engineering and manufacturing expertise, plus lifetime guarantee.  

Handmade in the Wiltshire factory, Epic Power (£500/1m; additional metres add £250) benefits from high-purity, multi-strand copper conductors (with ARAY technology), PVC internal and external insulation with high mechanical damping, plus a dual-layer high-frequency-effective braid and foil combination shield. The cable is then finished with a high-density, vibration-damping outer jacket.

Supplied with high-specification 10- or 16-amp IEC plugs, Epic Power is available in 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 metre lengths, with custom lengths and terminations (including Europe, USA and Australia) available to order. 

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