Class D gets style


Exclusively distributed in the UK by Henley Audio, the HiFi Rose RA180 integrated Class AD amplifier claims to combat the problems inherent with Class D by using a “Gallium Nitride FET instead of a Silicon FET to dramatically improve the ‘Dead Time’, which affects switching speed and accuracy”. This £5,499 amplifier boasts one of the most comprehensive feature-sets of any high-end amplifier, and serves as the ideal partner to its maker’s music streamers.

Key features
Next-generation Class AD (Advanced D) amplifier design with 800W output
Gallium Nitride FETs in the amplification stage deliver perfect linear output
Four amplifier modules to support ‘Bridge Tied Loads’ or bi-amping speaker connections
Frequency range spans up-to 100kHz to deliver a wide and deep sound stage
Separate outputs for two sets of stereo speakers
Built-in moving magnet and moving coil phono stage with adjustable EQ to accommodate any vinyl record with faithful reproduction
Active crossover for high frequency output to support super tweeter frequencies
Tonally flat output design, complemented by tone controls
Bypass power amp mode suits more complex system configurations
Purpose-designed high-efficiency power supply with silicon carbide FET technology
Distinct, retro-industrial aesthetic with high-purity aluminium construction in silver finish
Dimmable VU meters
IR remote control and wi-fi control (via RoseAmpConnect app) included

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