Class D in a tube


Whole Note Distribution is collaborating with VAL HiFi in the distribution of AGD electronics from the US. Using the unique proprietary GaNTube technology with Gallium Nitride MOSFET based power- stage, fully enclosed in a glass tube. With valve aesthetics and class D power these amplifiers produce high power outputs often in compact casework, the AGD Vivace monoblocks shown have a 200 Watt output from a chassis that’s less than 28cm square, the price is £13,495. AGD amplifiers can be upgraded by ‘rolling’ the ‘tube’ that contains circuitry on top of the chassis.

Greg Chapman of VAL HiFi said “It’s rare to find products of such beguiling talent as those from AGD and the reception in the UK has been testament to their quality. They have the unique ability to appeal to fans of both valve and solid state topology, and transcend both. To build on the momentum I’ve started at VAL HiFi, I am delighted David has agreed to come on board and add his brilliant skillset in building brands, to help take AGD to the next level”. 

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