Copland’s goes tubeless with CSA70


Created for the dedicated music lover, the Copland’s new CSA70 integrated amplifier is designed to provide exceptional audio performance that belies its power rating and price. The CSA70 (£2,988) provides four digital inputs, three analogue inputs, line out function, as well as pre-out terminal, front facing 6.3mm headphone output, and a 70 Watts per channel power amplifier that will surprise users who thought their speakers were power hungry. For the vinyl enthusiast they have included an excellent MM phono pre-amplifier. 

Contrary to its bigger brothers, CSA100/CSA150 the CSA70 does not employ tubes in the line stage. The CSA70 preamplifier section is a solid state architecture with vanishingly low distortion. It boasts the same power amplifier technology as the CSA100/CSA150 with a feedback structure inherently faster than conventional amplifiers and a wide frequency response. 


The amplifier is ruggedly constructed and designed to deal with the most awkward of dynamic loads that may be presented by the loudspeakers, and this contributes to the amplifiers excellent transient handling capability. Signal path lengths throughout the CSA70 are minimized by keeping the entire audio architecture on a single PCB-board, minimizing susceptibility to RF interference and other extraneous noise. 

The CSA70 employs a precision audio-grade motorized volume control. Unlike most digital volume attenuators, it needs no additional electronics in the signal path. The amplifier is protected against several fault conditions that could be dangerous to either amplifier or speakers, including DC offset, overcurrent conditions and thermal overload, increasing its immunity from outside abuse. 

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