Cyrus Stream Xa


Cyrus has added a fourth component to its Stream X range in the form of the £1,250 Stream Xa. This is a wired/wireless UPnP network streamer with internet radio and digital inputs, onboard DAC and an analogue line output. It’s based on the Stream X2 24/192 streamer but adds digital to analogue conversion to that unit’s five digital inputs, iPod compatible USB A input and the Cyrus n-Remote handset. Control can also be had with the Cadence iOS app. The Stream Xa has the classic die-cast half width Cyrus chassis and a low noise power supply.

Cyrus has made price reductions to two of the existing Stream X components in its Summer of Streaming offers:

Streamline2 with n-remote now £1,200; without £1,000

Stream XP2 Qx with n-remote now £2,000; without £1,800

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