Domino phono stage


London based Tisbury Audio has announced its first phono stage. The Domino has selectable gain settings and input loading to allow “virtually any MM or MC cartridge to be used. Ultra high-spec components along with a signature laser engraved walnut and aluminium enclosure achieve high-end sound and build quality without the price tag.” If that’s true then the £139 plus carriage asking price looks like a steal.


Domino has four gain settings: 40, 49, 58 and 67dB and two impedance settings, 47kOhm for MM and 47 Ohm for MC, the latter is a strange choice but presumably keeps the price down. RIAA equalisation is achieved with a passive filter located between two separate gain stages and 0.5% thin film resistors and 1% polypropylene film capacitors are claimed to result in an exceptional 0.2 dB RIAA accuracy. Importantly it has a 15V regulated linear power supply with AC transformer (no switch mode DC adaptors here). Remarkably the Domino is made in Tisbury’s London workshop, which explains why this phono stage and the company’s other products are available by mail order only. They offer 14 day returns and a two year limited warranty, which looks like a good if it sounds half as good as it looks.


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