DS Audio 3rd gen for less


DS Audio’s new DS003 optical cartridge draws on innovations from their Grand Master to update the existing DS 002 model, extending third generation technology to a more affordable price point. The DS003 features a comprehensively re-designed optical system. Its independent LEDs and photo-detectors for the left and right channels deliver a significant increase in the cartridge’s output voltage, from 40mV to 70mV. This is achieved without compromising the excellent signal to noise ratio; in fact the ratio has been further upgraded, giving the DS003 an even lower noise floor and “greater musical clarity than its predecessors. What’s more, the new independent design has made it possible to eliminate crosstalk, greatly improving left and right channel separation, particularly at higher frequencies.”

The new design has a smaller ‘shading plate’ made from 99.9% pure beryllium, allowing for a 50% weight reduction, down to 0.74mg: less than 1/10th of the mass of a moving coil cartridge’s core and coil system. The DS003 marries an aluminium cantilever with a line contact stylus. The cartridge’s body is also aluminium and is designed for maximum rigidity. Internally, the wiring is 1.6 times thicker than in previous models, in order to reduce impedance. 

In common with all DS Audio optical cartridges, the DS003 requires its own equalizer / phono stage. The new design here includes a thicker circuit board (increased from 1.6mm to 2mm) and thicker copper foil (previously 35 μ, now 70 μ). In addition, the DS003 equalizer allows you to select from four low frequency cut-off points, allowing you to select the output that best matches your system. Pricing: DS003 cartridge and equalizer package: £4,995; DS003 cartridge: £2,298; DS003 equalizer: £3,147.




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