A to DSD


Symmetry has launched the Ayre QA-9 analogue to digital converter on the UK market for £2,995. This was originally designed for the professional studio market but the company realised that there was demand from music lovers who want to convert their vinyl collections to digital, so it has been released on the domestic market. It has an LCD screen with level meters to assist in analogue transfer but no phono stage.
The QA9 features a 24/192 ADC which outputs class 1 and 2 PCM via AES/EBU or USB. Input is through balanced XLRs only, in keeping with Ayre’s take on analogue connections, it is a fully balanced, zero feedback device. The pro version will also be able to output DSD at up to 256x and hook to an external word clock, but this will be a higher priced variant.
In an attempt to cater for enthusiasts who want to back-up their vinyl collections, Symmetry is looking into the possibility of dealers offering the QA-9 on a rental basis. Good quality A/D converters are rare and expensive so this seems like a great idea.

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