Elipson Alpha and Omega turntables


French spherical speaker specialist Elipson Audio has produced its first ever range of turntables. Entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Elipson in France, the Alpha and Omega are claimed to be the world’s first premium turntables offering the option of wireless technology. Every bespoke part of the turntable has been designed by Elipson’s engineers of which 80% are sourced and made locally in France… from the chassis and platter to the digital motor system, central brass bearing, tone arm and phono-stage. Digital Sinusoidal Signal Synthesis “ensures optimum” speed precision through European electronic design. With DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis), the Elipson turntable is also able to control the speed automatically with ASC (Auto Speed Control) and a digital slope to avoid belt slip and ensure motor reliability. MSD (Motor Suspension Device) is an additional device designed to suspend the motor and eliminate vibration whilst the ICB (Infinite Centering Bearing) consists of a precision cut bronze bearing.Compatible with all MM/MC cartridges, Elipson has also developed a its own advanced Orbital torsion tone-arm (OTT). The orbital structure gives perfect precision, whilst integral torsion adjustment is controllable for anti-skating. Finally the RIAA preamps featured on the top models in the Alpha and Omega ranges feature a high-end integrated preamp/phono-stage with state of the art components and optimum signal-to-noise ratio, whilst the flagship models also feature a Bluetooth aptX wireless transceiver, allowing the listener to stream their vinyl to a Bluetooth speaker system, or transfer the signal via the Opto-isolated USB output and record your vinyl onto a Mac or PC.

There’s a total of seven models in the line up.  The entry level Alpha 50 features a matt black finish PVC chassis with a pressed steel platter and Ortofon’s OM5 cartridge.  The Alpha range features a similar spec but uses an OM10 cartridge, polyamide centralizer, RCA interconnects and preamp with BT and USB options.  Top of the range Omega versions boast an acrylic lacquer, non-scratch finish chassis in gloss black, white or red, a high density glass platter, a machined aluminum centraliser, a Carbon fibre tone-arm together with the pre-amp and BT /USB options. Elipson’s new turntable range will be officially launched in Room 412 at the forthcoming Sound & Vision event in Bristol and is available thereafter from March 2016.  UK price will range from £199 for the entry level Alpha 50 up to £499 for the flagship Omega 100 RIAA BT USB model.


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