Entry-level TEAC turntable


TEAC has introduced an entry-level, belt-drive turntable that won't break the bank in the £250 TN-200. Available in any colour you like as long as it's black the TN-200 includes a built-in preamp providing line-outs and a USB out for connection to almost any hi-fi or stereo system. The USB output can also be used in conjunction with recording software to archive your vinyl collection or add it to your mobile playlist.

TN 200 B Rear

The belt drive motor on the TN-200 reduces vibration for sweeter, more accurate sound than DJ style direct-drive turntables. An aluminum die-cast platter and anti-skating system provide a solid foundation for great-sounding playback. The “high-performance”, upgradable MM cartridge captures “every detail” on your record, and the statically balanced straight tone arm ensures clean playback. It’s all housed in a handsome case with a flat black finish.

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